Dog of The Day for 3/23/2013 — Sparkle age 8

March 24, 2013

in Dog of The Day

“My Little Sparkle, where oh where do I begin? Sparkle was my 15th birthday present, I received her from a family member when she was 3 and the two of us have been inseparable every since. Sparkle the diva loves jewelry (hence the name Sparkle) if you’re missing a necklace, bracelet, ring etc… check Sparkles bed odds are she has it hidden somewhere in there (she’s so sneaky)!!! I remember when my parents went to Jamaica , my dad brought back a shark tooth necklace and left it sitting on the table and sparkle ate it , my dad was so angry but it didn’t last long I mean how could you possibly stay mad at a Shih Tzu? Impossible right? My Sparkle is quite the performer, she break dances whenever she gets excited or just feeling silly; she will roll over on her back and break dance for us. Her favorite song to dance to is pretty much anything by Beyonce’ lol we are both huge fans! Sparkle is also a big fan of treats, any kind of treat, she will dance for them, and it’s pretty funny actually. Last year my family and I almost lost our little Sparkle, she was terribly sick and had low blood sugar, we thought that we were going to have to say goodbye but miraculously she survived and was back to her normal jewel stealing, dog treat eating , break dancing self! These days sparkle spends her time at the dog park playing with her new sister, and 2 year old boxer named Queenie they get along great! We are looking forward to spending may more years with our funny silly little fur ball of joy!”





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