Dog of the Day for 3/1/2012 — Dudley — Rescue from Shih Tzu and Precious Paws

I adopted my precious Dudley (formerly known as Spunky), from Precious Paws Shih Tzu Rescue on October 28, 2011. My life has not been the same since that day. From the moment I met him, I knew the good Lord had sent him to me. Donna had brought 4 little fur babies for me to meet that day. Dudley was the third one I met of the group. I bent down, he put his face on my knee, and I knew at that moment, he was meant to be mine. This little boy doesn’t bark, jump, or do anything to draw attention to himself. He doesn’t have to. His precious personality speaks for itself and draws everyone in that encounters him. When I take him out for walks, people always comment on not only his adorable face, huge brown eyes and fluffy, blonde fur, but also his pleasant demeanor. He never snaps, or growls at others, he simply wags his tail, in an attempt to say “hello”. Dudley is the greatest companion I have ever known, and I am forever grateful to Donna and the Precious Paws Shih Tzu Rescue for bringing this unconditional love and joy to my life. I am never alone anymore. I may have adopted Dudley, but he truly rescued me