Dog of the Day for 2/12/2012 – Lotta age,6 1/2 year old female

“Lotta,was the runt of a litter of 3 puppies.It was love at first sight.She looked like a little Ewok,from the movie ””Star Wars”We had a heck of a time with potty training,I felt like i had brought a new born baby home,with round the clock live in a city that has many tourists visit from Asia,we were mobbed every time we went for a walk,by tourists,and Lotta was well loved by children at the playground.She has a very calm quiet personality,and does not bark,but ”talks”instead.We have been in the country now for a year and i can tell she misses the sidewalks and excitement of the city,so this new year we will head back to the city looking for a new adventure.Life is never dull when you have a Shih Tzu.”