Cleaners for cleaning up Pet Accidents

dog-markingEnzyme Cleaners
are the best type
of cleaner to use
on fabrics that
can’t be fully

(such as a couch or carpet). It is best to never use other cleaners on these fabrics if possible, as most regular cleaners stop enzyme cleaners from working well. If you have your whole carpet cleaned, you should have it rinsed well after cleaning.

When an animal has an accident on an area, saturate the area with enzyme cleaner. In many cases you may need to cover the area with plastic for a day so the enzyme cleaner stays wet and has time to work.

If an enzyme cleaner has time to work and isn’t disrupted by a cleaner that was left on the fabric, they are highly effective at eliminating urine odor.

If they don’t work for you the top two reasons are:

#1: There were other soap / detergents / cleaners on or soaked into the fabric that stopped the enzyme cleaner from working well. Solution: Do your best to thoroughly rinse and dry the item. Some items will have so much soap in them from previous cleaners that it is almost impossible to remove without destroying the item.

#2: Not enough enzyme cleaner was used or it was allowed to dry too soon. Solution: Make sure to saturate the entire area that was covered in urine and then cover the wet area with plastic for at least a day so the enzymes have time to work.

A couple of suggested enzyme cleaners from amazon and be seen below: