Ways to get in touch with PawDogs

We do our best to respond to everyone that contacts us in a timely fashion. If you don’t get a response within a reasonable time (normally around a day or less) or if your matter is urgent, please contact us again or use one of the other contact options.

Ways to get in touch:

1. Contact Form: To view and submit our contact form, click here, it is easy to use and makes sure your message gets right to us. If you submit the contact form you will immediately get a confirmation message in your e-mail, if you don’t see it, please make sure it is not in your SPAM folder (we suggest you add our address that you see on this confirmation e-mail to your address book or whitelist for your SPAM filter if you have one).

2. Our Facebook page: Your welcome to visit and post to our facebook page.  We will response to any question that we see posted on our page.  This is best for more casual comments or questions that don’t need as quick of a response.

3. Back-up Contact Form: You may use this form (click here)  if your having problems getting in touch with us.

4. Add me on facebook:  You can connect with me personally on facebook by adding me as a friend, then you can send me a message via facebook.  Once we are connected as friends, this is normally a very reliable system.

Thank You!

Jamie Dolan