Terms & Conditions

Short Version for Dog of the Day Submissions (full version below):

A: I will allow PawDogs to use and display text and photos I submit to them.
B: I understand I will not be paid for allowing the use of my text or photos.
C: I will allow PawDogs to display my photo on all their web sites.

This is not a contest, no prize or item of monetary value is awarded. All entries that are suitable for publication will be featured as the dog of the day. Sometimes there is a long wait for your dog to be featured as the dog of the day when we get a lot of submissions, so please be patient and make sure to check in every day.

The Paw Dogs dog of the Day program is not associated with, run by, endorsed by or operated by facebook in any manner. The Dog of The Day program terms and conditions apply; on PawDogs.com, akivathedog.com and / or on the facebook.com platform.

By submitting photos to the Dog of the Day Program I agree: to allow PawDogs to use my photos at no charge as well as my name and provided description to feature my dog as the Dog of The Day. I also agree that I will allow with no compensation for my photos and text to be displayed on the PawDogs facebook pages and on PawDogs web sites for public viewing (including, but not limited to akivathedog.com.). If I choose to submit additional details, photos, etc. via e-mail or other electronic means to PawDogs, I understand that will also be subject to these terms and conditions (for example; when submitting your photos to PawDogs you will receive a confirmation email, if you choose to reply with additional details or additional photos, these terms apply to that material as well).

Photos and textual descriptions may also be used in PawDogs e-mail’s including newsletters and other promotional materials. I understand my photos and or text may be cropped or edited prior to display.