Dog of The Day FAQ

Q: Who can be Dog of The Day?
A: Anyone is welcome to submit their dog. All suitable entries will be displayed as the Dog of The Day. (we may discard entries that contain spam links or have photos that are of too low of a quality to use, we will do our best to contact you if there is a problem with your submission)

Q: Did you used to do the Dog of The Day then stopped?
A: Yes, we did the dog of the day for about a year. When facebook made the Timeline changes last year they prevented new fans from seeing our landing tab; which meant the number of submissions for Dog of the Day slowed to a trickle. Facebook has still has this limitation, but we are giving the program a try again anyway with the hopes we can get enough people to submit their photos.

Q: When will my dog be the Dog of The Day?
A: It depends on how many entries we get. We normally display entries in the order that we get them. In the past prior to Timeline when we got submissions from facebook we normally had about 1 months worth of submissions, so it took about 30 days from when you sent your photos till they were displayed. In some cases we will display a entry out of order such as a for a Birthday. Please let us know if there is a special day that you want your entry displayed, we will do our best, but please remember this is done on a best effort basis and is not guaranteed as this is a free program.

Q: If my dog was Dog of The Day in the past, can I submit photos again?
A: Yes, though we encourage you to use different photos if possible.

Q: How do I know if / when my dog if the Dog of The Day?
A: Please watch our facebook page and web site for new Dog of The Day posts.