Community Guidelines

These guidelines apply to our forum, blog, facebook pages, and facebook groups.

Our community is designed to be comfortable and safe for all members. Please do your part to help keep it this way. If in doubt as to how something will be received, it’s probably better not to post it.

1. Our community is family friendly. Please keep this in mind when posting or sharing photos.  The purpose of this group is for dog owners (many of which are Shih Tzu parents) to share and communicate with other owners.  We love seeing your dog photos and helping with your questions.

2. The vast majority of our members have Shih Tzu. Please be respectful of this fact and do your best to keep most posts and conversations focused on Shih Tzu and small dogs. We realize some members have multiple types of dogs and there are times where questions and conversations about other types of dogs are appropriate. Please ensure these conversations when they do take place are always respectful conversations and are NOT debates of any kind.

3. Advertising & Promotion Guidelines: First and foremost, PawDogs is a community that we have created and developed for our members to enjoy. PawDogs has taken us thousands of hours to maintain and administer over the years.

4. Sale of Dogs / Puppies:  Just as advertising in prohibited in our group; We don’t allow the sale of dogs / puppies in our group.  If you personally have a dog available for re-homing with no or a small re-homing fee, you may post that.

5. Donations / Collections / Chip in’s: We are happy and proud to support the rescue groups. If you have a private request for a donation / chip-in, it will be considered on a case by case basis. In general, we will only allow requests for donations / chip-in’s from either established non-profit rescue groups or well established members of our community. We understand there can be situations of hardship that can arise where a private member may need to ask for financial help due to a medical situation with their dog. If you are an established, regular member of our community and you are in this situation, please contact us for permission prior to posting requests for donations. At this point, you do not need permission to share a request for donation that is from a rescue group that is a non-profit.

6. Contests: There have been a lot of contests lately on facebook with pet photos and voting. We are asking that effective immediately that you only share a photo / ask for a vote in the PawDogs group no more often than once per week. This is to reduce the amount of repetitive posts; which many people consider to be spam when they see them posted over and over again.

7. There has been a huge increase in SPAM in groups. As a general rule now I’m deleting, reporting and banning the person from the group that posted spam. If your account was hacked and someone else used your account to spam with and you have been removed from the group; please contact me via the methods listed on our web site.

If you have any questions about material you are considering posting, please contact us first.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.