Bandanna Special — 6/22/2012 $10

Please contact us with any questions.

$10 special price for 4th of July bandannas only valid this weekend 6/22, 6/23 and 6/24 of 2012.

$2 shipping in the US.

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    How long is your dogs Neck? (measure collar in inches -- will be about 12" to 15" on a Shih Tzu):

    Dogs Name (Please double check and make this exactly as you want it Embroidered including capitals / lowercase -- if name is long it will be smaller to fit.):

    Special Instructions / Notes(We will use our choice of the 2 fabrics shown unless you request otherwise):

    Bandanas are $10 each with this special with $2 shipping in the US (Shipping cost is the same for multiple bandannas. Please contact us with the contact form up top if you would like to order multiple bandannas.