Free Save my Shih Tzus Sign (In Case of Emergency Please save my Shih Tzus)

Free window sign for your door or window: In Case of Emergency Please save my Shih Tzus:


Imagine the horror of a fire in your home, it’s one of those things we all think could never happen to us; after all, we are extra careful, right?  I’d like to

think I am one of those extra careful people, but the statistics tell a different and alarming story.  According to the National Fire Protection Association 7 people die each day as a result of home fires.  Each and every year in the United States, approximately 500,000 pets suffer in home fires. spacer200x200

There is a simple small step you can take to make your home safer for your dog; make sure that emergency workers know there is a dog present in your home.  It’s easy to do, with the In Case of Emergency Please save my Shih Tzus sign and it’s free today when you purchase a blanket for your Shih Tzu.  All you have to do is complete the form below, then click Next and you can sleep a little more soundly knowing you took that extra step to keep your dogs life safe.

[box type=”important”]Yes, I want my Free window sign (In Case of Emergency Please save my Shih Tzus) with a personalized blanket custom made for my Shih Tzu:[/box]

Your Dogs Name:

The blankets are approximately 29 inches by 29 inches in size, which is the perfect size for smaller dogs.

IMG_6463__84685In the above photo you can see Akiva showing off one of these high quality blankets that is personalized with his name.

The photo below shows you what the embroidery looks like up close.  It’s high quality embroidery that is permanently stitched into the blanket. IMG_6433__39870