In Loving Memory of Coach Singh Chang Futterer – Dog of the Day for 3/14/2012


Coach Singh Chang Futterer; Today would be the 12th anniversary of your birth! From the moment you came into our lives you were a precious gift. You brought us joy, laughter, fun and love that grew daily. You were so smart, learning the names of all your toys so you could bring them to us. We marveled at you every night, always about 9 pm, when you would “scratch off” in your carrier. We muted the TV just to listen to you drink from your bottle, with us looking at each other and always smiling. We never understood why you would scratch your supper bowl—first one paw, then the other—before eating. We figured you wanted to get your food just right! Our shared adventures are many and all treasures! That “Crooked Smile”, the Coach Looks, the “I’m Going THIS Way Now” !! Coach Singh Chang Futterer – You Are Loved and Missed.