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February 9, 2012

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Click here to Download a Mp3 version of the PodCast that you can listen to on your computer or on your Ipod.Click HERE to start listening to the PodCast Now.

Bryan and his father, owner Tom Nieman holding the first bag produced during our ribbon cutting event at the new facility in Columbus.

Bryan and his father, owner Tom Nieman holding the first bag produced during our ribbon cutting event at the new facility in Columbus.

Concerns about what food is safe and nutritious for our pets are ongoing.  After a online poll and extensive discussions I created a list of questions about pet food from our community members.  I interviewed Bryan Nieman, Creative Director and 5th generation family member of Fromm Family Foods in Mequon, WI to get answers to those questions and create this PodCast recording for you.

Exterior View of Fromm Family Foods new Plant in Columbus, WI

I have no personal or financial connection to Fromm and was not compensated in any way to create this PodCast.   The first time I spoke with Bryan was the day we recorded this interview.  I tell you this because I believe that transparency is important.  I want you to understand that my goal is to help you, the pet owner and your pet lead a better, more healthy life.

I would very much appreciate hearing your feedback about this PodCast, please feel free to leave a comment on this page or use the Contact Form.

I very much appreciate the effort and time from Bryan and the staff at Fromm Family Foods that made this PodCast possible.  I was personally very impressed with the answers to every question that I asked.

One thing I learned about Fromm that I just love is that they only sell to independent pet stores.   Unlike many other brands that are available through large retails chains, Fromm has made a commitment of only selling to independent pet stores.  I’ll be bringing you a write up with photos about my local independent pet store in the near future.

The full PodCast is about 1 hour long.  You can listen to it right here on the page or your can download a copy of it to listen to on your computer / Mp3 players.

Click HERE to listen to the PodCast Now.

Click HERE if you would like to download the Mp3 version to your own computer. (If your computer starts to play this file, then right-click on the file and choose save as)

I will create another page and break out the audio file into “chapters” for those of you that are more interested in a specific aspect of the interview.
Contact Information for Fromm:
Fromm Family Foods
PO Box 365
Mequon WI, 53092
: 262-242-2200
Fax: 262-242-3571


*Photos on this page provided by FrommFamily Foods.

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